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The 2021 Association of Caribbean Occupational Therapists 15th Biennial Scientific Conference

This year, the 2021 Association of Caribbean Occupational Therapists 15th Biennial Scientific Conference will be hosted by the Cayman Islands Occupational Therapy Association

This Conference supports the Association of Caribbean Occupational Therapist’s (ACOT) vision; to eliminate professional isolation through education, networking and advocating for the needs of the community we serve.

ACOT conferences have been held biennially since 1991, attracting delegates across the Caribbean and North American region. The previous conference was held in 2019 in Barbados. Conferences are attended not just by occupational therapists but by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, mental health professionals, teachers and other businesses involved in the provision and facilitation of health care and education across the region. The goal of the conference is to provide high quality presentations and education through current evidence based best practice. In addition the conference will assist in raising the profile of Occupational Therapy in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean, develop the public’s understanding of this crucial aspect of health care and ultimately improve the well-being of those who depend on occupational therapy.

The 14th Biennial Scientific Conference, held in Barbados in 2019
The Cayman Islands previously hosted the 11th Biennial Scientific Conference in 2013
The Association of Caribbean Occupational Therapists

The Association of Caribbean Occupational Therapists represents seven countries across the Caribbean: the Bahamas; Barbados; the Cayman Islands; Guyana; Haiti; Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

The ACOT mission is to promote the benefits of occupational therapy through the Caribbean region through creative and innovative ways be facilitating growth and professional development.

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